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The Mission: Find the ‘Perfect Craft’

Stryda600S Centre Console

Amphibious boat, with centre console

Answering the question, “which boat is right for me?” hardly ever has a straightforward answer. Wherever you sit on the spectrum of beginner boater through to true boat veteran, buying a boat is no simple endeavour, with so many on the market to choose from. 

As with any big-ticket item, searching through the many different options on the market for the right boat can feel a little overwhelming. You probably have a vision in mind – a checklist of ‘must-have’ things your ‘perfect craft’ needs. Finding it, though, is another challenge all together. Enlisting the help of experts can help you bring that vision to life.

For one of our Australian customers, this was the reality. He was after an amphibious option for his property situated on an island just outside of Brisbane. With a soft sand beach entrance to his property, it was clear the customer needed an amphibious craft with capabilities that exceeded the current market offering to manoeuvre the soft sand, so no one would have to jump out and push.

He described the perfect craft as – able to handle all water sports, with room to cater a classic Aussie BBQ, enough storage for camping trips, easy to get going for quick missions for fresh fish, and getting you from island to mainland with dry feet = no worries.

So, vision in mind, he set out on his hunt. 

The Solution: The Stryda 4WD 600S Catamaran

Nothing spreads faster in the boating community than a new, innovative design on the market. Word had quickly travelled from New Zealand to the Australian market about a craft vastly ahead of the current boating scene – a 4WD craft with an amphibious system that was able to handle a multitude of terrains.

With a few nudges in the right direction, our customer searched up Stryda Marine and made an enquiry. It turned out that the board shouldered 4WD Catamaran was just the ticket.

Stryda Marine prides itself on always aiming to provide the perfect craft for every customer. We do this by listening to the customer and their specific needs to make sure we get it right. In this case, our customer approached us for a Centre Console Craft which just so happened to be perfect timing – as this type of craft was already in the works here at Stryda Marine.

We worked directly with our customer to finalise the layout of the centre console configuration to truly maximise the 6M space. We started the planning process and ended up with a boat that aligned rather nicely with our customer’s definition of ‘perfect’.

Climbing onboard the craft is simple, with a rear step ladder that is integrated to the Port rear leg and a transom walk through providing fluid accessibility. Although the craft is a centre console, it still provides comfortable sheltered seating with Shark Seats which provide shock mitigated full suspension, as well as a folding rear bench seat. There is more seating up forehead with storage underneath the port side and a portable Head under the Starboard side.

When it comes to entertaining with a BBQ the folding rear bench seats can be swapped out nicely to fit a BBQ table, a necessity for this particular client. We extended the roof to the transom by the customer’s request as the harsh Queensland summer can be taxing after a day out on the water. By extending the roof well over the cockpit, it enables the customer to entertain or BBQ under the shade. Another benefit to the extended roof is the added storage space on top. The roof racks welded around the edges of the craft provide even more storage for the likes of camping gear on extended trips away.

The centre console provides hardtop as well as a full height windscreen for those less than ideal nautical days when shelter from the spray is much needed. It also gives full walk around access of the whole boat with a forward quarter deck for sunbathing or casting. This extra walk around room is ideal for a family boat with the ability to give everyone their own personal space when onboard.

Did we mention it also has a toilet?  All of this, on-top of an amphibious 4WD craft that is adept to handling a variety of harsh terrains resulted in a very boat proud customer.

We are currently in the process of the build for this craft and are aiming to have it delivered directly to the customer in Australia by October 2020.

This is a craft we are extremely proud of and are excited to launch into the market. If this craft sounds similar to your ‘perfect vision’ don’t hesitate to send through an enquiry today. We would be happy to work alongside you to plan, create and deliver the boat of your dreams.

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