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Stryda 600C’s Capabilities on Different Types of Terrain

Stryda and Loose Rock Terrain

As you can see from the video, the Stryda 600C had no issues exiting the water on loose rock terrain. The terrain at Kinloch is known to be tricky for launching boats in and out of the water as the loose rock causes a lack of grip. With the Stryda 600C, there were no such issues.  The locals were very impressed with the performance of the Stryda 600C on loose rock as it was an easy process to get in and out and demonstrated how capable the Stryda 600C is. 

Kinloch Terrain vs. Craft

With reference to the map, point 1 is where the Stryda 600C was launched. We were lucky to be able to drive straight into the water, as without an amphibious craft, boaters and fishermen have to drive around the block to the marina at point 2 to launch and retrieve their boat. New Zealand is a beautiful place to live, and almost everyone has access to a boat these days. So, like most boat ramps in NZ, on a good summer’s day or a public holiday, there can be a long line of people waiting to use the ramp. We feel pretty lucky not having to queue to get out on the water, and having a head start on fishing!

Stryda And The Tidal Mud Creek

One of our enquiries wanted to compare existing amphibious models of boats before making a decision on which one to buy. They contacted us and we took a trip out to Leigh to the client’s property to show them the Stryda 600C in action.  The gentleman has a creek on their property therefore they are after a craft that can handle the steep side of the creek as well as the muddy terrain. The conditions of the creek mean that a 4WD towing a boat would have a high chance of getting stuck, so the client wants to know if the amphibious Stryda 600C would be able to make it through without having to be winched out of the mud! The Stryda 600C was able to get right up the creek, through the less muddy terrain, to reach the customer’s destination point, as you can see from the photos. 


It was great being able to take the craft out to a customer’s location to test the boat and show them the Stryda’s capacity on different terrains. We enjoy getting the Stryda out on the road and demonstrating to potential customers what she is capable of before they make a decision. 


We are still taking requests from our customers to bring the Stryda 600C to a location near them. If you would like us to bring the Stryda 600C to a location near you, get in touch with us today and we can organise a time. 

Stryda On Packed And Soft Sand

The ideal terrain for the Stryda 600C, and really any amphibious craft, is packed sand so it is great to showcase what the Stryda is like in its optimum environment.  Soft sand, on the other hand, can pose quite a few challenges to many crafts as the wheels tend to sink into the sand – resulting in everyone jumping out of the boat and pushing until they reach packed sand. As the Stryda 600C is an amphibious 4WD, it can drive across soft sand with no issues even surpassing the expectations of current amphibious boat. The 4WD engineering of the Stryda means less ground pressure on the soft sand along with the extra wheel allowing 25% more torque and traction – making your trip across the beach, a breeze. 


An added bonus to our day out at Onetangi Beach was hearing the local’s thoughts of the craft. A few of them had their own amphibious crafts and they complimented us on the spacious interior and the robust engineering of the 4WD amphibious system. It’s always rewarding hearing other people’s opinions on the Stryda craft as we are very proud of it. 

Onetangi Beach terrain vs 4WD craft

4 thoughts on “Stryda 600C’s Capabilities on Different Types of Terrain”

  1. I’m very impressed with the fact that I could drive the boat onto the water without a car.
    I would like to know more about legal regulations in place to enable the use of the boat on the road.
    I’m also looking to buy a new boat, if you could send me more details I will greatly appreciate it.

  2. Sorry for late reply.
    We have worked with one of our client to register his Stryda 600C with NZ Transport Agency. It enables the boat to use on public road legally.
    We will PM you with more details.
    Many thanks.

  3. Hi.
    Looks awesome. Do you have any video of performance at sea. How doe;s it handle chop rough sea’s??
    How stable is it at ancor and how doe’s it fish. Ie plenty of room for pulling in the big ones??
    Fuel economy???

    Would love to see one in action do you have demo days??

  4. Hi, Thanks for your comment. Yes, we do have some on water videos available on youtube. Please see below link for more information and Boating NZ review to the Stryda 600C.

    Since 600C is a catamaran vessel, it genuinely has more internal space. Very stable at rest on water, the craft barely lean with 3 guys stand on one side.
    Our customers compliment to the 600C fuel consumption and the rough sea handling with our foil assist arrangement.
    Please feel free to call us anytime on (09)600-1413. We can arrange demo for sure.

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