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Model Page - 4WD

Unlimited All Time 4WD

The 600C has unlimited run-time whilst in land-mode so the vessel can explore much further without risk of overheating.  4WD provides more torque which improves traction in difficult terrain such as soft sand, mud and gravel.  The Anti-Stall Drive system maintains a constant RMP which provides smooth transition between water and land.

Slip Traction Control

Slip Traction Control enables the user to quickly engage traction control while navigating challenging terrain.  

Hydraulic System

Sealed for life hydraulic systems are engineered to last and more economic to run.  All the hydraulic fittings are made from marine grade stainless steel for durability.

Model Page - Anti Slip

PLC/Diagnostic System

Programmable logic control system is installed to ensure continuous monitoring of all amphibious functions and maintaining the optimal performance of the craft.


Smart Brakes

The smart brakes with standby park engagement function are full controlled by PLC.  Brakes will automatically apply if no signal is received in 5 seconds.  The brake system can hold effectively on surfaces up to 12 degree incline.

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