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Another Successful Delivery of the Stryda 600C

The team here at Stryda Marine were thrilled to be delivering a client their own Stryda 600C and even more thrilled we got to teach him the ropes. It’s always special delivering a client a new craft they will have endless adventures on, and here at Stryda, we make sure to leave our customers confident and eager to climb on board to get started on those adventures.

The delivery of the Stryda 600C took place on Monday 16th March in East Auckland. The carpark was surprisingly full of empty trailers for 10am on a Monday with people eager to get on the water while they still could. Stocking up on fresh fish is never a bad idea!

Maneuvering an amphibious craft has many differences from launching a boat off a trailer so as expected, our client was a little nervous operating the craft for the first 20mins around the carpark. We made sure to make him calm and comfortable by giving him clear instruction and demonstrating how to confidently operate the craft.

After a few rounds of the carpark, we were assured our client would be able to drive straight into the water, which our client was very excited about.   After our client had successfully driven the boat from land to sea three times, we noticed a few other boat owners were still in progress launching their boat.

Stryda Marine scheduled a full day of training with the client as he wanted to make sure he was fully familiarised and comfortable operating the craft by himself by the end of it. Although, a full day with the Stryda team ended up not being necessary, as only a couple hours later the client was very competent with the transition between water and land. With our client commenting “I’ve had a catamaran before, and it never quite performed as I expected. The asymmetrical hull design of the Stryda 600C provided a far superior ride.”

It turns out that manoeuvring the craft isn’t as challenging as our client first thought, with him asking if we could practice off the beach rather than the boat ramp after only getting in and out of the water three times with the boat ramp. A+ student this one!

Our client mentioned he found the system very user friendly and picked it up much faster than he anticipated, “it took about an hour to get the hang of the drive train, the rest is history.”  And just like that our client had mastered the art of driving the craft in and out of the water and was ready as ever to get fishing with no fuss of trailers and winches.

We left East Auckland with a very happy customer and his new Stryda 600C. Like we said in the title of this article, a very successful delivery indeed with our customer commenting “I do believe you have a superior product with the Stryda 600C, a real game-changer.”

The team at Stryda Marine are working from home during the Covid-19 lockdown period so please contact us on+64 9 600 1413 if you have any questions about the Stryda 600C or want to book in a test drive when we are able to get back out on the water. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy in the meantime.

Stryda 600C
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2 thoughts on “Another Successful Delivery of the Stryda 600C”

  1. Hi, sorry for late reply.
    It require a special trailer with a ramp for long distance travel. So the craft can drive on and off the trailer with ease.
    Please let us know if you want more details and our team will get in touch with you.
    Many thanks.

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